Support your Mission with a PMC Nonprofit Membership

PMC was founded in 1986 to serve local non-profits through media services and broadcasting.

Today, we are still helping local non-profits better serve their communities by providing access to affordable video production services. Our Nonprofit Memberships are rich with benefits, and the annual fee is determined by the organization’s annual operating budget.

We recognize that each nonprofit organization has unique media requirements, and we have structured our memberships to accommodate this. Our flexible 15 Point System, allows each nonprofit to mix and match from a menu of services.  Each year upon renewal, the account is replenished with 15 points to use in whatever way serves your nonprofit mission best.

PMC 15-Point System


Includes up to 4 hours of filming in the studio or the field. We’ll interview up to 4 people in a group who can accurately, effectively, and comprehensively describe the organization. PMC will produce a final video for the member.

Equivalent: 4 hours filming and 8 hours editing. 


PMC will use the organizational footage to create a 30-60-second PSA. This PSA will be shared across PMC’s online platforms and will be aired frequently on Channel 5 for as long as the organization is a member.

Equivalent: 2 hours field taping and 4 hours editing (from a script)


Once a month, PMC will offer an opportunity for a short 5-minute interview in our studio or a short news story taped in the field. It will be promoted on PMC’s various online platforms and will be aired on Channels 2 & 5.

Equivalent: 1-hour field taping and 4 hours editing (Scripting PMC discretion)


Based on availability, we will tape nonprofit members’ events when there is a speaker or series of single speakers. These are aired on Channels 2 & 5 and uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Equivalent: 1 hour of taping, little or no editing.

  • Two introductory workshops for two staff members OR one complimentary group workshop for up to five staff members.
  • One staff member may take our Introductory Podcast workshop free of charge.
  • All other Podcasting services and rental fees are available at a 15% discount.
  • If a nonprofit member exhausts their 15 points and requires additional production services, a 15% discount on our already affordable rates is extended.

ALL THIS, Plus 15 POINTS each year to use HOWEVER YOU WISH

What's Included?

As part of your member onboarding, we’ll create a plan based on your unique requirements. You are also free to use your points however you wish. Contact us anytime and we’ll work with you to realize your ideas and objectives. Please note that points do not roll over from year to year.

Contact us to discuss your nonprofit and how PMC media services and broadcasting can help you meet your mission!