Teach a Workshop at PMC

Submit A Proposal To Teach A Workshop

PMC would like to offer our community the opportunity to move beyond our current basic workshops in studio video production, field camera operation, video editing and podcast engineering by providing workshops in any area of media production that could enhance the quality of our producers’ work.

Anyone with special expertise in the areas of video editing, podcast development, lighting, audio recording, audio editing, storytelling, special effects, animation or any other media relevant subject is encouraged to submit a proposal.


To start, email PMC’s Executive Director Tom Handel at tomh@portlandmedia.org. Proposals should address the following:

  • Name and contact information of instructor
  • Title of workshop and course description
  • Goals and outcomes of Workshop
  • Instructor qualifications for teaching this subject
  • Number of sessions and length of each session
  • Space requirements
  • Equipment requirements
  • Times of day and days of the week the workshop can be offered
  • Whether the workshop can be offered for a limited time or offered on an ongoing basis
  • Instructor fee
  • Minimum and maximum number of students