PMC AirWaves April 2024

Mar 29, 2024

Celebrate all things spring (even when you can’t feel it)!

Spice of Life

The array above reminds me of all the projects we have going on at PMC.  Personally,  I like to add curry spices to unexpected items, like popcorn & oatmeal with raisins & nuts.   I wonder what the Spice in the book/movie Dune would taste like? 

This month we have another colorful Rundlett & Baldacci featuring a reformed Mafia character.  The PMC Gallery will be having a dual show with two fine artists, mysteriously titled, “Whale Oil Beef Hooked.”  Do stop in to 516 Congress Street on First Friday, April 5, or later in the month to see it.  My fondest hope is that my amateur interview skills improve over my debut in the PMC Studio.  Watch it anyway to hear Genius Black’s fantastic energy and ideas. 

Another new feature we’re excited about is SportLand, a show on all the athletic activities greater Portland has to offer.   Dave’s Video Vault is rapidly expanding its offerings, so check it out for unusual movies.

Our podcast feature this month is advice from an expert, Jim Nadeau, on flooding issues.   Take a listen! 

Read on to hear about our new security features, detailing actions that will be required of all PMC producers.   And most of all, celebrate all things spring (even when you can’t feel it). 

Christine J. Sullivan, M.A.