Dave's Video Vault

Dave’s Video Vault

Mar 29, 2024

We have exciting news about upcoming episodes of Dave's Video Vault.

We have exciting news about upcoming episodes of Dave’s Video Vault.  On the Vault we show good, bad, critically acclaimed, or just movies from the past that you might not have had the opportunity to see, or would simply like to see again.

Well, we’ve just added a number of new (ok … old) movies to the vault for your viewing pleasure.  We’ve added comedies, westerns, dramas, documentaries and other types of films designed to pique your interest.  If you like Dave’s Video Vault, or have comments, be sure to contact PMC and let us know.  As long as we have a following, we’ll keep adding movies to our list for your enjoyment.

I hope you enjoy our upcoming film additions so be sure to join us on Portland Media Center Channel 5, Saturday nights at 9pm for the next episode of Dave’s Video Vault.