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WMPG’s purpose is to provide a high quality, community-oriented broadcast service to the people of Southern Maine by: providing a full-time schedule of music and culture, news and information; promoting awareness and discussion of local issues and activities; promoting awareness and discussion of global issues and culture; presenting artistic, cultural, and political perspectives which are underrepresented in mainstream media; promoting acceptance, understanding, and cooperation between people and cultures; fostering new and experimental uses of radio as a medium for creative expression; approaching radio as a dynamic medium for community dialogue, introspection, and expression.


2019 Cajun cookin’ challenge

WMPG celebrates Mardi Gras with its 24th Annual Cajun Cookin' Challenge


WMPG 2017 Fashion Show

Check out the latest fashions from Portland up and coming designers at the WMPG 2017 Fashion Show


WMPG Homelessness Marathon

WMPG Radio hosts the 19th Annual Homelessness Marathon, a national radio program that features the voices of poor and homeless people across the country


WMPG 2016 Mardi Gras

It's New Orleans in Portland as WMPG celebrates with its annual Mardi Gras Cajun Cookin' Challenge


WMPG Byrds Tribute

Find out about WMPG's upcoming fundraiser/tribute to the great 60's rock group The Byrds


WMPG 2015 Mardi Gras

Take a trip to the Mardi Gras in New Orleans without leaving Portland at WMPG's Cajun Cookin' Challenge


WMPG Music Sale

Check out WMPG's upcoming music sale


WMPG 2013 Fall Begathon

Dale Robin Goodman gives us a look at the Fall 2013 WMPG Beg-A-Thon


WMPG 2013 Mardi Gras

WMPG Community Radio in Portland thanks its staff and supporters with a Mardi Gras festival where Portland Maine's top restaurants compete to prepare the best Cajun food and everyone enjoys great music


WMPG Annual Auction

WMPG is once again having their auction. Development Director, Dale Robin Goodman gives a preview of the many interesting items available.


WMPG Radio's The Blunt Youth Radio Project

WMPG's The Blunt Youth Radio Project trains high school age youth in all aspects of radio production and students Iris Sangiovanni and Jake Lichter, talk about their experiences.


WMPG Bluegrass Music Festival

WMPG volunteer, Merrill Marsh, gives a preview of the upcoming Bluegrass Music Festival


WMPG open house

WMPG Development Director, Dale Robin Goodman, shows some of the interesting items available at the auction


WMPG Fall 2011 Begathon

WMPG holds its annual fall Begathon 2011


WMPG Online Auction

WMPG hosts an online auction as a fundraiser


WMPG Power Up Campaign

Dee Bunker explains WMPG's Power Up Campaign to expand their signal


WMPG Broadcast Award

WMPG wins Maine Broadcaster awards


WMPG Fat Tuesday

WMPG hosts a Fat Tuesday celebration


WMPG Blunt Open House

WMPG's Blunt Radio program holds an open house