Volunteering At PMC


There are Many Ways to Volunteer!

Are you interested in being involved in the technical aspect of producing a program on one of PMC's stations or are you interested in helping us out in other ways? If you are interested in using our equipment and facilities to help produce videos, please fill out our class registration form to get started. If you're interested in helping us out in other ways, please review the following different non-production volunteer opportunities we have, then fill out our volunteer registration form to get started.


Help us choose programs to complete our regular schedule, decide when they will air, help develop our monthly program schedule and/or implement schedule changes.


Write press releases, create PSAs for our regular shows, use Photoshop to develop posters for our programs and events, update our website and social media or work on any other of a number of ways to get the word out about what we do.


Develop our monthly schedule of classes, collect articles from staff and volunteers and get our latest program schedule, then layout our monthly newsletter to keep our community informed about the last goings-on at PMC.


Assist the staff in organizing classes, volunteers, events, media, our member database, as well as research for developing projects.