Sponsorship Information


Portland Media Center can put your company's business’s name, products and services in front of tens of thousands of potential local customers each month. What better place to promote a local business than on local television? Moreover, by sponsoring a show or underwriting the station, you are showing the Greater Portland, Maine area you are a partner in building community spirit by being part of making PMC a reflection of all this great community has to offer.

Here’s what other local businesses had to say about the benefits of a PMC sponsorship:

"I cannot speak highly enough of our experience with sponsorship of CTN (PMC). It felt great to support this important community resource, and we were gratified by the number of people who told us they'd seen us. All in all, a very positive experience for us."

- Susan Fekety, Healthy Living Health Care

"My experience with CTN Channel 5 (PMC) was wonderful. My sponsorship of a locals arts Spotlight was exactly what I was looking for to help spread the word about Casco Bay Frames & Gallery."

- Tony Cox, Casco Bay Frames & Gallery

The positive exposure I enjoyed by sponsoring a program on CTN (PMC) was a great benefit to my business, not to mention value added for supporting an important community resource.”

- Lisa Prince, Maine's Weight Loss Coach

Sponsorship OPTIONS

When you sponsor a specific program on Channel 5 for $140 a month, you will have your logo and business description appear for 10 seconds before the program every time that program airs (16 times a month minimum). For $200, you can double that exposure by having your sponsorship tag appear at the beginning AND end of the program you are sponsoring.

Here are the shows you can sponsor:

Community Kitchens

Host Roger Berle visits the kitchens of restaurants and homes in the greater Portland area, and discovers great culinary secrets of the professional and personal chefs in our midst.

Lighthouse Jubilees

Vivacious divas, Angie Guillette and Pat McLellan croon with enthusiasm and spirit. Choose to sponsor either their golden oldies show or their spiritual show.

City Desk

This TV Magazine profiles what's happening in Portland, Maine's City Government with a different City Councilor hosting each episode.

Democracy Now

Democracy Now!

Amy Goodman brings you news from around the national and the world that you won’t see on any other news program.  Choose to sponsor Democracy Now!  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday broadcasts. Each airs 16-20 times a month.



When you underwrite the Portland Media Center, you will have your logo and business description appear for 10 seconds randomly throughout PMC’s daily schedule. We’ll create your tag for a $100 fee and air it every day for a year ($900), or every day for six months ($500), or every day for three months ($300).


Portland Media Center's Channel 5 is a regional community TV station, Channel 5 on Charter Cable. We also have a website where anyone in the world can view all our shows. Channel 5 reaches 70,000 households in Casco, Gray, New Gloucester, Raymond, Pownal, North Yarmouth, Chebeague, Cumberland, Yarmouth, Falmouth, Portland, South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Scarborough, Gorham and Westbrook, Maine. A recent survey showed that half of these households tune in at least once a month, 60% of these viewers are between the ages of 36-65 and over half have an income of greater than $40,000 a year.

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Sponsorship Guidelines

Sponsors may submit material (audio and/or video) for their credits or may have material developed by PMC staff. Credits will be presented in ways that are aesthetically pleasing and most likely to be appreciated by viewers of our programs. The purpose of all sponsorship credits it to identify, not promote the sponsor.


Sponsors will be identified in video by name and/or logo, provided the logo does not contain promotional phrases. Credits may include additional information as appropriate to help to identify but not promote the sponsor, its products or services. Products depicted in video shall be shown neither in use nor in operation. No credit will contain more than four products, product lines or services. Value-neutral backgrounds, moving or still behind corporate logos are acceptable. Video must be related to the business it represents. Visual representation of a company’s location is acceptable. Telephone number, street and mailing address are acceptable.

Audio and Language

Language indicating price information or other savings or value associated with a product or service is unacceptable. Directing viewers to call a telephone number to make a purchase is unacceptable, although the telephone number may be displayed. A company’s name may be mentioned only twice during the sponsorship credit. Audio listing of a company’s name and location or locations is acceptable up to the reasonable limit of time. Factual identification of the company is acceptable using up to four products, product lines or services. Value neutral music backgrounds are allowed; jingles are unacceptable. Superlatives and comparisons are unacceptable.

Credit Length, Scheduling and Format

A maximum of 10 seconds per sponsor will be allowed. Credits will run at the beginning and end of programs. Additional credits may be placed at natural breaks during programs of 90 minutes or more in length. Revisions to credits will be made on a monthly basis only.

Standards and Practices

The standard number of sponsorship credits for programs will be limited to a maximum of four in the beginning of the program, and four at the end of the program. PMC must approve all proposed video produced out-of house before production begins on local sponsorship credits. Video produced out-of-house must arrive at PMC five (5) working days in advance of the first program air day. Other credit material must arrive seven (7) working days in advance of the program air date. PMC reserves the right to refuse any sponsor or sponsorship credit that violates the letter or the spirit of these guidelines, or does not match our program standards.