Produce a Show at PMC

This page will tell you how you can use PMC’s facilities and equipment to produce a show that will air on our stations. Anyone can submit a program they have produced without our facilities and equipment. If you submit a show and are not a Portland resident, we will review your show and let you know if we will air it. If you are a Portland resident and submit a show you have produced on your own, we will air it on Channel 1301 as long as the content is not commercial or copyrighted.

Using PMC Equipment and Facilities

Anyone can produce a show at PMC. If you are a Portland resident, you will need to show proof of your residency with a current photo ID and a piece of mail you have received within the last month showing your current address. If you are not a Portland resident, you must be a member of PMC by joining at the $30 the first year and for $50 a year every year after that.

Becoming Certified

You must be certified to use PMC equipment and facilities. There are five requirements for certification:

  1. Take our introductory training on the equipment you wish to use;

  2. Take our orientation to our policies and procedures;

  3. Provide photo identification of where you live;

  4. Complete our registration form with current contact information; and,

  5. Pay any class fees and/or do volunteer time required for taking classes.

Field production

If your program requires you to tape footage outside of PMC, you’ll want to use our JVC field cameras. If you need to edit the footage you take and don’t have access to editing equipment, you can take our editing class. To take these classes, click on the link below to complete our online registration form and check the boxes next to these classes.

Studio production

If you wish to produce a show in our studio, you’ll need to take our Introduction to Studio Production class. Studio production requires a team of people, at a minimum: a director and two camera operators. If you wish to host your own show, you will probably not handle any equipment for your production, but you will still need to take the Intro to Studio class so that you’ll know what goes into producing and hosting your show. You can have people you know take our classes and become certified to produce your own show or you could recruit PMC volunteers who are already ready certified and have expressed interest in working on other people’s shows. As a community media center, through our volunteer program we encourage everyone who is certified to help crew other people’s shows. This deepens the experience of all volunteers, increases the creative aspects of all productions and improves the overall quality of shows produced at PMC.

The Intro to Studio class must be taken once to get you certified to operate our studio cameras and must be taken twice to certify you to direct and produce a show. The Intro to Studio class does not provide training in using our character generator to roll in opening titles, graphics during the show and credits at the end. This will either have to be edited in post-production or by recruiting a volunteer who has been trained on our character generator. We also offer advanced training in directing, using our character generator and our audio board. Although it is not required that you take these advanced classes to start to produce your own show, it is expected that after you produce three shows you have become certified in these areas or have recruited a production crew that has.


In order to register for any of these classes, please complete our registration form and check the boxes next to the classes you’d like to take. Our volunteer coordinator, Arthur Nichols (, will keep you posted when classes are being offered for our field camera and intro to studio. You can also check out our schedule for these classes on our website and let Arthur know what class you plan to attend. Our Into to Studio class requires a minimum of 4 people, so Arthur will need to confirm with you that that minimum has been reached before you show up for the class.

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In addition to taking classes, you’ll need to meet with PMC staff to arrange to take our policies and procedures orientation, provide ID and pay for classes. Please contact Arthur Nichols to arrange a meeting: You can be producing your first show within two weeks of taking your first class.