Portland Playback theater


Portland Playback Theater

Portland Playback Theater is an improvisational theater company that asks audience members to come forward and tell a story from their lives based on a certain them.  The company members then perform an improvisation that retells the story.  There is a new theme for each show.  Portland Playback performs at PMC in Studio 516 on the first and third Fridays of every month from 7:30-9PM.  For more information about their shows, visit their website:


It all started when...

Portland Playback Theatre Company was founded in Portland, Maine in 2005. The Playback Theatre style models transformation, a new way to relate to the world. When trained playback practitioners enact a story told by a member of the audience, a deep bond of understanding is established between the “teller” and the audience. Playback helps people see their common humanity. When people join together in sharing their stories and watching the re-enactments, it engenders an ability to focus on commonalities rather then judgments of otherness.