PMC Leap Day 2020


On the evening of February 29, 2020, Portland Media Center will go live to ask the community to donate to the station while showing short videos of great things that are happening in the community:

  • People finding their way out of addiction and then helping other people with addictions do the same;

  • A woman with a critical health problem and, finding no community support for her situation, she creates a program to help other women;

  • Young people getting into trouble with the law and finding someone who cares and helps them turn their life around;

  • Two people forming an unlikely friendship that gives them mutual support and/or helps others;

  • A business that uses its resources to help someone;

  • Students in a local school get together to solve a community problem;

  • A man, who always helps others, is helped by the community when he most needs it;

  • A homeless woman turns her life around with the help of a stranger;

  • A community eyesore turned into a community asset by an unlikely hero;

  • A pet that is rescued and then comes to the aid of her/his rescuer…

The list of ideas is endless. AND WE NEED YOUR IDEAS. (You might have a video of a story already or maybe you’d like to produce one.)

PLease click the button below to submit your Idea