PMC Nonprofit Member system


PMC was founded by Portland, Maine nonprofit organizations to serve Portland nonprofit organizations by providing access to a television channel that reached the greater Portland area and by providing affordable video production services. Over the years, PMC's benefits for our nonprofit members have evolved to recognize increased use of the internet and the need for short video content for our members' websites and social media, in order to increase their search engine optimization rates. Take a look at the range of benefits available to nonprofits for a very small annual membership fee.


PMC Nonprofit Member Benefits


Organizational Profile

We will produce a profile of your organization up to 3 minutes in length within the following parameters:

• We will shoot out in the field for up to 4 hours cumulatively
• Organization will designate 2-4 people to be interviewed who as a group can accurately, effectively and comprehensively describe the organization
• PMC staff will edit the video from the footage collected


Public Service Announcement (PSA)

Upon request, PMC will edit a PSA about the organization from the footage collected for the organizational profile. The PSA will be a commercial about the organization approximately 30-60 seconds in length and will be aired at random between programs on Channel 5 for as long as the organization is a member.


Member Highlights

Once a month, PMC staff will send an email request for news to your organization’s staff person responsible for press releases. These news items may be:

• An opportunity for a short interview in our studio; or,
• An opportunity for a short news story taped in the field.

These highlights are generally 5 minutes in length and will be aired between pro- grams or as a series on Channels 2 & 5 as well as posted on a page on our website specifically for your organization and to YouTube for your organization’s use.


Speakers and Presentations

As we are available, we will tape our nonprofit members’ events when there is a speaker or series of single speakers. These are also aired on Channels 2 & 5 and uploaded your organization’s page on our website and to YouTube usually within 24 hours of the event.


Discount of Other Production Services

All of the above production services are member benefits provided at no extra charge. However, if a nonprofit member requires additional production services, they will receive a 15% discount of our already affordable rates.


Member Page

Each member will have a page on our website with the member’s logo and mission statement plus all the videos PMC has produced for the organization, including the profile, PSAs, any interviews or field-taped news stories, coverage of speakers and presentations and any purchased video productions services.

Videos Available for Members’ Websites
These videos are first uploaded to YouTube then downloaded to the member page, so that members can go to their page, click on the You- Tube icon and download any of their videos to their own website.


Annual Nonprofit PMC Membership Fees

Nonprofits with budgets under $100,000 a year: $125

Nonprofits with budgets between $100K and $350K a year: $300

Nonprofits with budgets over $350,000 a year: $500