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Maine Charitable Mechanics Association



he Maine Charitable Mechanic Association was founded in 1815 as a craftsman’s guild to teach and promote excellence among Portland’s various mechanical and artistic trades. Today, the Association has about 300 members who have the use of the historic library on Congress Street and may attend events including readings by local and national authors and travel lectures presented by producers of films from around the world



Building Trades Appreciation

The Maine Charitable Mechanic Association appreciation event for the Maine State Building and Construction Trades Council for the work they have done on Mechanic's Hall


Makers At The Hall: Pickwick Press

Pilar Nidal of Pickwick Independent Press at the Maine Charitable Mechanic Association "Makers At The Hall" series


Axe Men

Learn about the history of axe making in Maine - and the efforts to bring it back - in this Maine Charitable Mechanic Association "Makers In The Hall" lecture.


Makers Series: Neon Dave Interview

David Johansen (AKA "Neon Dave") talks about his art and his craft in a Maine Charitable Mechanic Makers In The Hall interview


Ocean Navigator Collection

The Maine Charitable Mechanic Association announces their new Ocean Navigator Collection. These 1,500 volumes cover all aspects of the sea and sailing and are now available to members of the public and MCMA Members


Evergreen Cemetery

Docent Mary Foley talks about former Maine Charitable Mechanic Association members who are buried at Portland's Evergreen Cemetery


2016 Labor Day Banner Parade

Artist Ellen Babcock has created new banners honoring workers and their trades. These banners pay homage to historical banners that were paraded along Congress Street by members of the Maine Charitable Mechanic Association in the past. The organization paraded the new banners on Labor Day 2016 in the hopes of reviving the tradition of honoring workers.


Makers At The Hall: Doug Green

Doug Green of Green Design Furniture talks about his career in industrial design at the Maine Charitable Mechanic Association "Makers at the Hall" series


Makers In The Hall: Kate Anker

Kate Anker, owner of Running With Scissors, talks about the challenges and rewards of running her art studio collective in Portland's Bayside neighborhood. The talk is part of the Maine Charitable Mechanic Association "Makers In The Hall" series.


Black Point Mercantile

The Maine Charitable Mechanic Association's Maker Series presents Skylar Kelly and his team from Black Point Mercantile who talk about the challenges and rewards of starting their business which has revived production of the classic floorcloth