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Maine War Tax Resisters

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For more than 30 years, Larry Dansinger and Karen Marysdaughter coordinated Maine’s War Tax Resistance Resource Center from Monroe, Maine. War Tax Resistance is a strategy of withholding federal tax dollars in order to thwart funding the military-industrial complex and to protest killing people around the world in US wars and those armed with US weapons. The center moved last fall to Portland, ME. It provides support for the following activities in Maine:
-An annual state gathering
-Promotion of tax day events throughout the state
-Assists Mainers who would like to attend the annual New England WTR gathering
-Provides WTR counseling and workshops
The center has just launched a Youth and Militarism project as well






War Tax Resisters Panel Discussion

The Maine War Tax Resistance Resource Center panel discussion: Someone's stealing our future - Let's take it back


2018 War Tax Resistance Day

2018 War Tax Resistance Day held by the Maine War Tax Resistance Resource Center


Maine War Tax Resisters PSA 

The Maine War Tax Resisters PSA