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maine college of art


At MECA, we believe in the transformational power of an arts education to serve as the foundation for a lifelong pursuit of personal and professional goals. Our educational philosophy is built on the premise that there is a growing demand for creative problem solvers. In combination with our rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum, immersive studio practice, and wealth of professional development opportunities, we are committed to delivering an educational experience that embodies Artistic Excellence, Creative Entrepreneurship and Civic Engagement


MECA ICA: Collective Actions II

Check out the latest exhibit, Collective Actions II, at MECA's Institute of Contemporary Art



Press Conference announcing that the SALT Institute for Documentary Studies will operate as a discrete program under the auspices of the Maine College of Art.


MECA Music Integration Program

Learn about MECA's new Music Integration Programing


MECA Art Sale

Learn how MECA's Second Annual Art Sale supports scholarships as well as the artists themselves


2014 MECAMorphosis Fashion Show

Check out the 2014 MECAMorphosis Fashion Show



Find out about the Maine College of Art's upcoming MECAMorphosis extravaganza


MECA 2013 Art Honors

MECA President Donald Tuski talks about the 2013 Art Honors program.


MECA 2013 Art Sale

Get a preview of MECA's 2013 Art Sale from Development Officer Dietlind Vander Schaaf


MECA Fashion Show 2013

Join MECA for their first annual Fashion Show and Sale which celebrates the new Textile and Fashion Design Curriculum.


Member Highlight - MECA Spring 2013 Events

Development Officer Dietlind Vander Schaaf gives us a preview of MECA's upcoming events.


MECA President

Donald Tuski is beginning his third year as president of the Maine College of Art. During his tenure more students have been taking advantage of better facilities and more space. President Tuski talked about the ways in which the students are using their MECA education as a foundation for a lifelong career in the arts.


Bachelor of Fine Arts program at MECA

The Bachelor of Fine Arts program at MECA offers many areas of study. Joshua Yurges and David Twiss are among this years BFA Awards winners


MECA student

MECA student, Kyle DiMare explores the interdependency of humans and the need to work and play together in order to live better lives


MECA Holiday Sale - Erin Hutton

MECAs Annual Holiday Sale is coming up and Erin Hutton the college's Associate Director of Artists at Work gave a preview of the great gifts that you can find


Edward Gorey Art Exhibit

Edward Gorey was an artist best known for his quirky and witty illustrations. Scott Nash, the Chair of the Illustration Department at MECA, talked about a new exhibit of Gorey's work at the Portland Public Library which shows why Gorey is considered one of America's most imaginative and eccentric artists.


MECA Professional Development Series

The Maine College of Art will be offering a professional development series designed to give artists the tools they need to succeed in the business of art. Program Director, Jessica Tomlinson and artist Edwidge Charlot, talk about the program.


Maine College of Art 2012 Continuing Studies

The Maine College of Art, MECA, has begun a new semester in its Continuing Studies program. Program Director Sara Gibson talked about the wide range of classes that are available to students of all ages.