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LearningWorks is a dynamic community-based organization. We started in 1967 as a grassroots neighborhood advocacy movement to protect the working people of the west end and never stopped moving forward with the community. Today LearningWorks is a social service agency that serves people all over Androscoggin, York, and Cumberland counties. We serve young children, at-risk youth, and low-income families. .

LearningWorks 2017 YBA Graduation

Join LearningWorks as they celebrate the graduation of the Youth Building Alternatives Class of 2017


LearningWorks Lights On After School

LearningWorks hosted a "Lights On After School" rally at Portland City Hall bringing together several afterschool programs in the city to encourage parents and students to participate in these important programs.


LearningWorks Lights On Afterschool Program

Find out about LearningWorks upcoming "Lights Out Afterschool" event


LearningWorks 2016 YBA Graduation

Celebrate with the Class of 2016 at the LearningWorks Youth Building Alternatives graduation


LearningWorks AmeriCorps

Find out about the LearningWorks Aim High / AmeriCorps program


LearningWorks Graffiti Grant

Find out about the grant provide to LearningWorks by CBRE/The Boulos Company for it's Graffiti Buster Program


LearningWorks English Language Program

Find out about the LearningWorks English Language Program


LearningWorks YBA

Meet two successful students in the Youth Building Alternatives program at LearningWorks


LearningWorks December 2014 YBA Graduation

Celebrate the graduation of student from the LearningWorks Youth Building Alternatives program


LearningWorks Americorps

Find out about LearningWorks' Americorps program in the Portland Public Schools


Learning Works Family Game Night

Check out Family Game Night at the East End School sponsored by LearningWorks


LearningWorks Team Trivia

Join LearningWorks for their Team Trivia Challenge to benefit the Literacy Volunteers of Greater Portland


LearningWorks 2013 YBA Graduation

The LearningWorks 2013 Youth Building Alternatives Graduation at the Rines Auditorium


YouthBuild Biddeford Open House

Visit YouthBuild Biddford, a joint project of LearningWorks and the Biddeford Housing Authority for at-risk youth


LearningWorks 21st Century Grant

LearningWorks has received two Maine Department of Education 21st Century Grants to provide early intervention in four new after school programs in Portland and Biddeford Maine. At a press conference CEO Ethan Strimling explained that 1,400 students will be helped by the program over the next five years


LearningWorks Graduation

Each year 2,000 Maine students drop out of high school. Recently, LearningWorks held a graduation for 15 students in their Youth Building Alternatives program. Despite the hardships they have endured they have found the courage to overcome their past and look forward to a brighter future


LearningWorks' Youth Building Alternatives program

The Youth Building Alternatives program at LearningWorks offers support for young men and women who have dropped out of high school. Program Director, Soni Waterman talks about how it makes a difference in their lives


LearningWorks holds graduation

LearningWorks' program Youth Building Alternatives held their graduation and CEO, Ethan Strimling talks about the program.


LearningWorks grant

LearningWorks Executive Director, Ethan Strimling, talks about the grant awarded to help Portland's high school students


LearningWorks YBA Graduation

LearningWorks's Youth Building program holds its graduation ceremony


LearningWorks Fall Programs

Interim Director Joel Russ describes LearningWorks programs for the fall of 2011


LearningWorks LePage

LearningWorks holds another Community Conversation to address the cycle of poverty. The feature speaker for his conversation is Maine Governor LePage.


LearningWorks Community Conversation LePage Preview

Bodi Luce talks about LearningWorks upcoming Community Conversation with Governor LePage.


LearningsWorks receives grant

LearningWorks receives a grant from the US Dept. of Labor to continue their work with at-risk youth


Learning Works new Service Center

Learning Works is opening a new Service Center in Biddeford


LearningWorks Graffiti Busters

LearningWorks Graffiti Busters at work


LearningWorks WalMart Grant

LearningWorks receives a grant from WalMart to support its English language program.


LearningWorks Community Conversations

LearningWorks Community Conversations provides a local forum to discuss the cycle of poverty.


LearningWorks English Program

El-Fadel shares his experiences in Dafur and how LearningWorks English Language Program helped him resettle in the United States.


Learning Works Cultural Celebration

LearningWorks hosts a celebration of the different cultures of the people in their programs


LearningWorks Community Conversations

Bodi Luse talks about Community Conversation hosted by LearningWorks to address the cycle of poverty


LearningWorks After School Art

LearningWorks holds an art exhibit at the Portland Museum of Art for is after school arts program


Learning Works

Graduates of LearningWorks Youth Build program tell their stories