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Hour Exchange Portland is a service exchange based on Time, the currency of equality that empowers individuals to utilize their assets and enhance their lives, neighborhood and community. .



Hour Exchange Portland and USM panel discussion

Hour Exchange Portland and the USM Student Sociology Association sponsored a panel discussion on the benefits to the community of cooperatives and time banks


Hour Exchange Portland

Hour Exchange Portland Coordinator, Orion Breen, talks about an upcoming event designed to show how the program works.


HourExchange Weatherization

Hour Exchange Portland is looking for sites to host AmeriCorps members to work on weatherization projects.


HEP Online Auction June 2011

Lesley Jones displays some of the items available for HEP's June 2011 online auction.


HEP Stuart Wallis

Lesley Jones talks with economist Stuart Wallis about his work and upcoming talk on a new economy.


HEP interview Day of Service

Orion Breen talks about the 9/11 Day of Service that Hour Exchange Portland organized at Deering Oaks Park



HEP hosts a forum on Sudanese and Somali refugees to relate their experiences


HEP Onlne Auction

Lesley Jones explains Hour Exchange Portland's Holiday OnLine Auction and previews some items.


HEP PropOSED Cuts to AmeriCorps

Hour Exchange Portland Executive Director Lesley Jones talks about proposed cuts to the Corporation for Natiional and Community Service and its impact on AmeriCorps


HEP Weatherization Day

Hour Exchange Portland organized volunteers for one day to do weatherization projects for people homes in the area.


Hour Exchange New Location

Linda Hogan talks about Hour Exchange Portland's move to co-locate at the Community Television Network on Congress Street


HEP Bowl Fundraiser

Lesley Jones gives an update on their online auction and talks about their fundraiser at Bayside Bowl.


HEP Energy Workshop

Hour Exchange Portland's Weatherization Program participates with GPCOG to hold energy workshops


HEP Service Fair

Hour Exchange Portland held an open house to showcase the many and varied services their members provide


HEP AmeriCorps

Hour Exchange Portland has an AmeriCorps VISTA program.


HEP Turn the Tide

Hour Exchange Portland collaborates with local health care providers to deliver services for alternative payment options.