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Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative


The Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative assists York and Cumberland County conservation organizations to acquire, manage and steward land in their communities by providing professional support services and networking opportunities. It functions as a co-operative service center, with member organizations pooling funds to purchase the types of staff help for which there is common need.

The goal of the Conservation Collaborative is to increase the effectiveness of the conservation organizations and to strengthen the regional network between these organizations in York and Cumberland County.



What Have Loons Told Us?

Susan Gallo, Director of Maine Auduon's Maine Loon Project, talks about the threats to Maine's Loon population in this Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative lecture a the Portland Public Library


Colin Woodard - "Ocean's End"

Author Colin Woodard talks about his current book "Ocean's End" about the crisis in the world's seas and the Gulf of Maine in the keynote presentation for the Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative's 2018 Sustainability Series


Portland Library Solar Project

Learn about the Portland Pubic Library's new rooftop solar power project at the Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative talk


 Bringing Nature Home

Join Maine Audubon's Director of Education, Eric Topper, to explore the plants and practices involved in restoring native food webs in our gardens, yards and communities in this talk sponsored by the Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative.


Renewable Energy Talk

Lawrence Mott of the Wood Group talks about the current status of large scale wind and solar projects, technology and policy here and abroad in a talk sponsored by the Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative


Sustainability Science

Sophie Scott explores the unique role of surfers in our coastal systems through the lens of sustainability science in this Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative presentation.


Solar Energy

Nick Sampson from ReVision Energy talks about options for solar electricity and heating for your home


Synthetic Biology

Kent Redford discusses Synthetic Biology and the Future of Nature at a talk presented by the Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative


Sebago Lake Conservation

Portland Water District's Environmental Manager Paul Hunt talks about efforts to protect the waters of Sebago Lake in this forum sponsored by the Southern Maine Conservation Collaborative


Oil Spills and the Arctic

Ben Twining and Chris Aeppli of Bigelow Labs share their research on how the reaction of microbes to oil spills is affected by climate change.