Classes AT PMC

Making Television at PPAC

Portland Media Center (PMC) provides low cost training to Portland, Maine residents as well as the volunteers and staff of Portland nonprofits so they can produce television programs for Portland Public Access Channel 2 (PPAC). In order to use production equipment at PMC, you must be certified.

There are five requirements to become certified:

  1. Take our introductory training on the equipment you wish to use;

  2. Take our orientation to our policies and procedures;

  3. Provide photo identification of where you live;

  4. Complete our registration form with current contact information; and,

  5. Pay any class fees and/or do volunteer time required for taking classes.

Once you are certified, you can use the equipment on which you are certified to produce your own television programs or help others produce theirs.

Portland Media Center Maine Classes

The Difference Between studio and Field productions

Field productions are videos made from footage taken outside our facility. We have cameras to lend that can be used in the field and editing systems to edit what your record in the field. Studio productions usually require a crew of 3-5 people: at least 2 camera operators, a director and possibly an audio board operator and a graphics generator. These productions are usually done "live to tape," meaning that they are recorded as if going out live on air and are complete ready for broadcast immediately.

Intro to the Studio

Hands-on training on operating the studio camera and switcher (studio director). After completing this class once, you will be certified to use the studio camera. After taking this class twice, you will be certified to use the switcher and direct a studio show.  To sign up for this class, please email and include your full name, phone number, the name, the date and time of the class. Minimum of 4 people to hold the class. 8 people maximum.

  • 2 sessions

  • 1.5 - 2 hours each

  • Cost: FREE

Upcoming Classes:

Intro to the Studio

Mon. March 25 at 6PM

Monday, April 1 at 6PM

Monday, April 15 at 6PM

Tuesday, April 30 at 6PM

Monday, May 6 at 6PM

Tuesday, May 14 at 6PM

Tuesday, May 21 at 6PM

This class lasts about an hour and a half to two hours.

Field Camera

The very basics of using our JVC (GY-HM600) field camera to get you started with your own field production. To sign up for this class, please email and include your full name, phone number, the name, the date and time of the class.

  • 1 session

  • 2.5 hours

  • Cost $10 and 10 volunteer hours

Upcoming Classes:

Field Camera Class

Tues. Mar. 26 at 4:30PM

Thursday, April 4 at 6PM

Thursday, April 11 at 6PM

Wednesday, April 17 at 6:15PM

Monday, April 29 at 6PM

Tuesday, May 7 at 6PM

Monday, May 13 at 6PM

Monday, May 20 at 6PM

Tuesday, May 28 at 6PM



by Appointment only



This review of the purpose and policies of PMC is a requirement for any wanting to use CTN facilities and equipment.  (Minimum 1; Maximum 25) 1 session; 1 hour. No class fee. These classes are usually offered at 1PM on Tuesdays or immediately before evening classes. To arrange to take the orientation, please contact Arthur Nichols at


Our Adobe Premiere editing class. If you have your own footage, we can walk you through one-on-one your first project. To schedule a time to take this class, please email and include your full name, phone number, the name, the date and time of the class..

  • 2 - 3 sessions

  • 1.5 - 2 hours each

  • Cost $25 and 10 volunteer hours

Advanced Studio Classes 

In-depth equipment training for studio productions. To schedule a time to take any of these classes, please email and include your full name, phone number, the name, the date and time of the class.

Character Generator

  • 1 session

  • 1.5 hours

  • Cost $20

Audio Board

  • 1 session

  • 1.5 hours

  • Cost $20


This class provides basic training on how to set studio lights for various types of programs. It includes positioning the lights, selecting colors and setting light levels. NOTE: Students in this class must be able to climb a 6 foot ladder safely.


This class is required for Access Producers who want to produce studio shows without PMC Staff involvement. The class covers all equipment in the Control Room and Studio, Directing, working with the Producer and crew and Studio Operations.

  • Prerequisite: Intro to Studio

  • 1 session

  • 2 hours

  • Cost $20



This class is in in-depth review of all functions of the PMC JVC field cameras It will help you set up your camera correctly for any field situation. The class also includes tips on cinematography, audio and ways to ensure you have a successful and safe shoot.

News gathering

This class takes some elements from the non-technical elements of the Field Production course but includes items such as how to set up interviews, how to prepare for an interview - doing research, writing questions, and more. It also deals with setting up a shoot, camera placement, safety and other production items.

  • Prerequisite: Field Camera

  • 1 session

  • 1.5 hours

  • Cost $25