Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to take the training if I already have experience?

A. Not if you successfully test out on our equipment. The cost of testing out is $10 per certification.


Q. Can I use PMC's equipment to produce videos for pay, or for my personal use?

A. No. PMC's equipment is only for noncommercial use to produce programs to air on Channel 2.


Q. Can I air a show that I produce with my own equipment?

A. Yes. As a Portland resident you have the right to air any noncommercial video for which you have the copyrights or copyright permission.


Q. I don’t have a show idea and/or I’m not a Portland resident. Can I get trained and help with PMC productions as a volunteer?

A.   Yes! We need your help. Find out more HERE.

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Q.  I have a show idea but I'm not a Portland resident.  Can I still use your station to get trained and produce my own show?

A.  If you can't produce your show idea in your own town, you can present your idea to us and if we like it, you can produce it as our volunteer. As such, we reserve the right to weigh in on your production if we feel it doesn't serve the community's best interest.


Q.  I see the class schedule; can I just show up for a class?

A.  No.  Advanced pre-registration is required for ALL classes! We will cancel a class if the minimum number of people required for that class is not confirmed by the day of the class. In some cases, we will require payment in advance for classes, which is nonrefundable if you do not contact us to let us know you won't attend.