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Center for Wellness Leadership


Founded in 2014, the Center for Wellness Leadership (CWL) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization providing communities with educational resources and research to achieve optimal wellbeing through Complementary, Alternative and Integrative Medicine.



GPL 2017 Annual Meeting

Places In Peril

Get an update on Greater Portland Landmarks' activities and find out what properties are on the 2017 Places In Peril list


Deering Development

Trace the history of the development of Deering Highlands in this Greater Portland Landmarks presentation


President Monroe Visits Portland

On the 200th anniversary of his first visit, "President James Monroe" sits down for an interview at the Maine Historical Society with Portland historian Herb Adams to talk of the past and present of the United States. President Monroe is portrayed by John Babin of the Maine Historical Society.


 Preservation In Action at MCMA

Find out how Greater Portland Landmarks can help restore and preserve your historic building. Also, Portland Historian Herb Adams traces the history of historic Mechanics Hall, home of the Maine Charitable Mechanic Association.


Lecture: Urban Cemeteries

Dennis Collins, Horticultural Curator for the Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, Massachusetts talks about the history and importance of urban cemeteries in this Greater Portland Landmarks talk


Streetcar Suburbs

Greater Portland Landmarks takes you on a tour of Portland's "Streetcar Suburb" neighborhoods along Forest Avenue


Forest Preservation

William Cullina, Executive Director of the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, talks about preserving our forests in a talk sponsored by Greater Portland Landmarks


Lecture: History In Your Backyard

Landscape Historian Lucinda Brockway takes us on a historical tour of gardens and gardening at the Greater Portland Landmarks Lecture Series


2016 Preservation Awards

Greater Portland Landmarks presents its 2016 Preservation Awards at the Irish Heritage Center


Flag Day 2016

Celebrate Flag Day at the Portland Observatory with Greater Portland Landmarks