UMVA SHOW for March 2019

Jolie  Patricia L. Ritzo, 2011 photo: Arthur Nichols

Jolie Patricia L. Ritzo, 2011 photo: Arthur Nichols

Union of Maine Visual Artists Presents:

Our Life is One of Lights & Shadows

March 1 – March 29, 2019

The first of two UMVA Group Shows this year, curated by Gregg Harper and Will Hessian, focuses on an essential element in visual art, and of seeing. The show includes 34 pieces in various media by as many artists, and will be up until noon on Saturday, March 29.

FMI, see the UMVA quarterly online here, and on the Portland Chapter UMVA on Facebook.

Maine trades banner of Artists, Painters and Glaziers, Collections of Maine Historical Society, courtesy of, item #36545

Maine trades banner of Artists, Painters and Glaziers, Collections of Maine Historical Society, courtesy of, item #36545

Union of Maine Visual Artists Presents: Our Life is One of Lights & Shadows March 1 – March 29, 2019

From the Studio: Snug is Tight Enough and Turn The Lights Off!


When making adjustments to studio or field tripods remember that:


Pan, Tilt, Pedestal and Leg Locks should be tightened just enough to

prevent movement. If these knobs are tightened too far the threads

will strip and need to be replaced - in some cases at considerable expense - 

so please do not overtighten them.


In order to lengthen the life of the STUDIO LIGHTS we have installed 


STAGE LIGHTS.  The power for each set of lights is controlled by a separate

switch located on the electrical panel at the right rear of the studio behind

the curtain. When you are ready to set the lights for your show turn on the switch

for the light sets you want to use. 



Volunteer Profile

Photo credit Tom Handel

Photo credit Tom Handel

Denise Dimitre

Every newsletter we will profile one of our volunteers. This month we talked with Denise Dimitre. Denise started at PMC in 2008 (back when it used to be Community Television Network). She took the studio class in order to produce a soap opera about stories her friends told her about growing up in Portland. After she took the class, her friends decided they didn’t want to do it, so she did a show about horses, called “Portland Horse Club Presents” It covered horse races, horse shows and personalities in the horse business.

Denise was born in Portland and raised in Buxton. She had a horse as a child, which was the start of her interest in horses. She attended Bonny Eagle High School where she was a 5-varsity letter athlete and a member of the National Champion Portland Women’s Rugby Club. She attended Brown University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies with a science focus in Human Ecology.

After college, Denise stayed in Rhode Island and got involved with gardening, theater, art, tutoring and was a companion for an elderly man. When she returned to Maine, she renewed her interest in horses. She also attended USM to study theater. While in Portland, she saw the CTN poster that got her involved with the station.

In 2008, Denise was awarded the Producer of the Year by PMC. She has also worked on The Lighthouse Jubilees, Haskell from the House, Meet the Hosts, Derry Rundlett Show, Journeys, Global Connections, Pachios on the News, the CTN Telethon, Belly of the Beast, Diversity Dignified, and Songfest, just to name a few. Denise has been volunteering for PMC for ten years and is still enthusiastic and involved.

If you would like to volunteer at PMC, just follow this link for more information:

PMC class Schedule for April and May of 2019

Jennifer Rooks, Co-Host of Maine Public Radio's "Maine Calling" program teaches a studio interview Master Class at the Portland Media Center’s Access Producer Mixer

Here is a list of upcoming classes at PMC. Subject to Change. Contact Arthur Nichols,, FMI.

PMC Evening Field and Studio Class

April and May 2019

Studio Classes

Monday, April 1 at 6PM

Monday, April 8 at 6PM

Monday, April 15 at 6PM

Tuesday, April 30 at 6PM

Wednesday, May 8 at 6PM

Tuesday, May 14 at 6PM

Tuesday, May 21 at 6PM

Monday, May 27 at 6PM

Field Camera Classes

Thursday, April 4 at 6PM

Thursday, April 11 at 6PM

Wednesday, April 17 at 6:15PM

Monday, April 29 at 6PM

Tuesday, May 7 at 6PM

Monday, May 13 at 6PM

Monday, May 20 at 6PM

Tuesday, May 28 at 6PM

UMVA SHOW for February 2019

Claire Seidl: Kennebago, 2018

Claire Seidl: Kennebago, 2018

Maine Artist and UMVA Member John Ripton has organized and curated a new show entitled “The Way Life Is – Maine Working Families and Communities” at the Portland Media Center, presented by the Union of Maine Visual Artists. Bowdoin College art librarian Anne Haas served as a juror, with Ripton in selecting work.

See a review online here written by Bob Keyes for the Portland Press Herald.

Opening reception Friday, February 1, 2019. FMI, see the UMVA quarterly online here, and on the Portland Chapter UMVA on Facebook.

Spring! Access Mixer and.....Road Trip!

Circle of Friends Spring19.png

Make the next Access Mixer a Success

Last August we had over thirty access producers and volunteers attend a mandatory meeting. Even though the meeting was about policies, it was also a mixer, the best ever, since so many people got to meet other volunteers and producers as they never had before. Since then we’ve had another mixer where only 5 people stayed for the actual meeting. We want to hear from you how we can make the next mixer a success like the one we had in August. Please be in contact with either Arthur Nichols or me, Tom Handel to give us your ideas, including the best time to hold the mixer, what the program should be, the value of refreshments, and how to get people (YOU) to attend. Or would you be interested in being part of a group to regularly organize these mixers? Please let us know.

Also, an idea I’ve had is taking a road trip to visit other public access stations along the eastern part of the country to get ideas on best practices that we can incorporate here. It’s going to be a ten-day trip in the spring, perhaps early April. I’d be happy to take anyone with me. What we discover could be the subject/program for the next mixer if it were the end of April or May or June. Please let me know if you’re interested in taking this trip with me. We’d try to travel inexpensively and find free accommodations, but any real expenses would be on each of us.

PMC Classes for February and March

Here’s a list of some of our upcoming classes through March. Other classes can be scheduled directly by sending an email to Arthur Nichols or calling 207-775-2900 x 202

Studio Classes

Tues. Feb. 12 at 6PM

Weds. Feb. 20 at 6PM

Tues. Feb. 26 at 6PM

Mon. March 4 at 6PM

Tues. March 12 at PM

Mon. March 25 at 6PM

Field Classes

Weds. Jan. 30 at 6PM

Mon. Feb. 4 at 6PM

Weds. Feb. 13 at 6PM

Tues. Feb. 19 at 6PM

Mon. Feb. 25 at 6PM

Tues. Mar. 5 at 6PM

Weds. Mar. 13 at 6PM

Tues. Mar. 26 at 6PM