Volunteer of the Month May 2019: Roy Cogswell

Roy Cogswell

Roy Cogswell

Helping People

Roy Cogswell has been a volunteer at PMC for 12 years. Born and raised in Yarmouth, his interest in public access TV started when cable first came to the area in the 1970’s. Mike Leonard, on staff with the cable provider at the time, gave a class on cameras and an intro to lighting that Roy attended. He then started working as a volunteer at the Yarmouth public access station and subsequently became staff, relied upon to run cameras. The whole studio was automated, and the station mostly covered Yarmouth municipal meetings.

Roy continued working with the Yarmouth station until he moved to Portland in 2005. Soon after, Roy came into our studios and talked to Bill Blood and Arthur Nichols about how he could pitch in on the many activities here at PMC.

He enjoys working with the people here, and he also enjoys learning from the content of the shows he’s worked on.

He’s very psyched about Anne Haskell’s new show, Mainely Veterans, because he’s a veteran himself. He served in the army from 1971-1972, then a year with the National Guard, and after that 3 years in active reserve, a six-year commitment altogether. He specialized in artillery and went on to air defense artillery. He enjoyed the camaraderie of the service. After his military service he became involved as an EMT, first as a volunteer and then “pay per call.” Helping people out was what he enjoyed most about Emergency Medical services, and Roy did that for about 4 years.

His interest in helping people didn’t end there, a fact made obvious by the 12 years of volunteer work he’s accomplished at PMC. He volunteers with studio productions, mostly with graphics but has done audio and camera as well. Roy also volunteered for several terms on our Board of Directors. PMC benefitted greatly from his years of service and we look forward to working with Roy for many years to come.

If you’d like to volunteer at Portland Media Center, go to http://portlandmedia.org/volunteering-1 for more information.