Member Profile! TEMPOart

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Each Month we will profile one of our non-profit Members. This month we talked to TEMPOart. Their website banner reads: TEMPOart brings temporary public art to Portland, Maine.

TempoArt was founded in 2015 and became a nonprofit member of Portland Media Center (at that time, CTN) in 2016.  PMC covered their first exhibit, American Dream.  TempoArt’s mission is to energize Portland’s public spaces through temporary art installations—engaging residents and visitors, enriching its creative community and enhancing Portland’s reputation as a world-class city. Typically TempoArt puts out a call for a curator who puts out a request for proposals.  Between the Board and their Pubic Art Committee (an advisory committee to the Board) they decide on each project.  Often they partner with other organizations, such as Portland Trails with their most recent project.  TempoArt is funded through grants and private donations. 

Their project this summer is “Welcome Feast,” which will comprise of about 5 wooden sculptures by Daniel Minter in Kennedy Park.  They address African diaspora through culinary diplomacy.  Anna Ackerman of World to Table will match chefs from Portland’s New-Mainer community with chefs from Portland’s restaurants to create menus for three public meals at the project site this summer.

Jenny McGee Dougherty, Administrative Director for TempoArt said, “PMC has been very helpful in covering the American Dream, providing affordable video content and getting the word out.”   TempoArt and PMC look forward to working together to get the word out and covering Welcome Feast.  We’ll be doing some studio interviews with key players for this summer’s project, as well as covering the meals and events.   For more information about TempoArt, visit  If you are involved with a nonprofit that you think might benefit from being a PMC member, go to for more information.