Access Producer for May 2019 Fred Thomas

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Becoming All Things Bike

Fred Thomas, the host of Portland Media Center’s All Things Bike, traveled many miles before becoming the host of Portland’s premiere television series on cycling.  Most of those miles were not on a bicycle.  Fred was born and raised in New York City, but he spent his summers in Maine. Fred majored in English at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and worked in Singapore and Indonesia after graduation. Fred met his wife, Tak, in London and eventually they moved back to the United States; first to Boston then to Maine. Fred started cycling again in 2003, and found that he had not forgotten how to train and race. In 2009, he earned his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at University of Southern Maine (USM) and found himself at a crossroad: return to the cubicles and corporate life or set up his own company doing something that was close to his heart. The idea of starting a bicycle company won the day and Fred set up Rideable, Inc., a company with interests in re-selling services for cyclists (Frame and Wheel), performance carbon fiber and steel bicycles (A-D Bikes) and on-line and broadcast entertainment (All Things Bike). Meanwhile, Tak had set up her own financial planning and investment company (TAK Advisory) and at one point thought she might host a show about financial planning with PMC. She decided that a talk show format was not suitable for financial planning, but she encouraged Fred to do a show about cycling, and four years later All Things Bike is going strong.  All Things Bike explores the people, organizations and the gear that makes the cycling community roll and has featured bike shop owners, event organizers, legal professionals, entrepreneurs  policy advocates, competitors, youth organizations and athletes as guests. Fred’s hopes for the show includes taping in the field, satellite links to guests in other parts of the country, guest hosts and ultimately national syndication. “We have a long way togo, but so far it has been great fun, excellent networking and great exposure for Frame and Wheel, A-D Bikes and our sponsors,” Fred said. “Only in Portland, Maine will you have the access to such a valuable resource.” Fred added.  “In any other city, you wouldn’t be able to do it…The Portland Media Center is centrally located, the facility is well-equipped and Tom Handel and his team are knowledgeable, supportive and friendly.  If I can host a television show then anyone can do it!” 

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