Photo by: christian-bolt-726836-unsplash

Photo by: christian-bolt-726836-unsplash


In the past couple of months several items of PMC equipment have been broken.

The items include an microphone boom stand leg, a field tripod spreader link and pan arm knob and a studio tripod pedestal height knob. In some cases breaking the part required considerable force or abuse so it was not a casual accident. None of these broken items were reported to PMC staff - a violation of policy. More importantly, PMC does not have funds readily available to repair (if possible) or replace these items. In those cases the equipment will no longer be available for use in studio or field productions.

Please be respectful of and careful with PMC equipment. It is provided to you at no cost for your productions and if it is broken it may not be replaced. If you break a piece of equipment please report the breakage to PMC staff. If you break it, someone else cannot use it, and that is too bad.