Volunteer Profile

Photo credit Tom Handel

Photo credit Tom Handel

Denise Dimitre

Every newsletter we will profile one of our volunteers. This month we talked with Denise Dimitre. Denise started at PMC in 2008 (back when it used to be Community Television Network). She took the studio class in order to produce a soap opera about stories her friends told her about growing up in Portland. After she took the class, her friends decided they didn’t want to do it, so she did a show about horses, called “Portland Horse Club Presents” It covered horse races, horse shows and personalities in the horse business.

Denise was born in Portland and raised in Buxton. She had a horse as a child, which was the start of her interest in horses. She attended Bonny Eagle High School where she was a 5-varsity letter athlete and a member of the National Champion Portland Women’s Rugby Club. She attended Brown University where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Environmental Studies with a science focus in Human Ecology.

After college, Denise stayed in Rhode Island and got involved with gardening, theater, art, tutoring and was a companion for an elderly man. When she returned to Maine, she renewed her interest in horses. She also attended USM to study theater. While in Portland, she saw the CTN poster that got her involved with the station.

In 2008, Denise was awarded the Producer of the Year by PMC. She has also worked on The Lighthouse Jubilees, Haskell from the House, Meet the Hosts, Derry Rundlett Show, Journeys, Global Connections, Pachios on the News, the CTN Telethon, Belly of the Beast, Diversity Dignified, and Songfest, just to name a few. Denise has been volunteering for PMC for ten years and is still enthusiastic and involved.

If you would like to volunteer at PMC, just follow this link for more information: http://portlandmedia.org/volunteering-1.