Spring! Access Mixer and.....Road Trip!

Circle of Friends Spring19.png

Make the next Access Mixer a Success

Last August we had over thirty access producers and volunteers attend a mandatory meeting. Even though the meeting was about policies, it was also a mixer, the best ever, since so many people got to meet other volunteers and producers as they never had before. Since then we’ve had another mixer where only 5 people stayed for the actual meeting. We want to hear from you how we can make the next mixer a success like the one we had in August. Please be in contact with either Arthur Nichols or me, Tom Handel to give us your ideas, including the best time to hold the mixer, what the program should be, the value of refreshments, and how to get people (YOU) to attend. Or would you be interested in being part of a group to regularly organize these mixers? Please let us know.

Also, an idea I’ve had is taking a road trip to visit other public access stations along the eastern part of the country to get ideas on best practices that we can incorporate here. It’s going to be a ten-day trip in the spring, perhaps early April. I’d be happy to take anyone with me. What we discover could be the subject/program for the next mixer if it were the end of April or May or June. Please let me know if you’re interested in taking this trip with me. We’d try to travel inexpensively and find free accommodations, but any real expenses would be on each of us.