Free Speech in Community Media


Portland Media Center has just announced its participation in Free Speech Week 2018, and will be a co-host for some of the sponsored events (see our post "Free Speech Week...."). One of the things that we do at Portland Media Center is to serve as a platform for the exercise of your right to free speech under the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. We offer training, equipment, and facilities to community members wanting to create video content that is aired on our cable channels 2&5 in the Portland, Maine area, as well as on the internet and this website. 

One of the most effective things that we do to support your First Amendment rights is to air several shows that are created especially to explore this topic, and to inform the people through three national television shows: Democracy Now, the Thom Hartmann Show, and the David Pakman show, all syndicated by Free Speech TV, a non profit television network. 

To watch these shows on the PMC website, click on WATCH, and use the search function, or check the schedule. To watch on tv, tune in to your local cable channel 5 in Cumberland County, and/or cable channel 2 in the City of Portland. You can also view our local programming by going to our YouTube channel, ctn5me