Volunteer List

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As the many new TV series continue, it become critical for each one to have its own regular crew. Many shows that have been airing for a year or more have formed a regular crew. Some producers secure sponsorships so that they offer their crew stipends for their time. When we work with new producers, we encourage them to be independent of staff assistance for crew and post-production work after their third show. To help producers reach this stage of independence, we will be distributing to producers our most current list of active volunteers, so that producers can recruit their own regular crew directly. If you are certified to use our equipment and facilities, you have taken our orientation and signed an agreement that you’d be willing to volunteer for other programs, so your name and contact information will appear on this list, which will become available to qualified producers by August 1. If you do not wish to have your name and contact information on this list, please contact Arthur Nichols at 775-2900 Ext. 202 or at Arthur@portlandmedia.org.