PMC Annual Meeting

Annual Report cover 2018.jpg

Portland Media Center’s 2018 Annual Meeting took place on November 9, to a goodly sized crowd, who all shared and celebrated the changes and achievements that have transpired in the course of the year.

Tom Handel spoke about significant increases in the volume of students and in the number of local productions, acquisitions of new equipment, and collaborations, including with the Union of Maine Visual Artists and the Maine Film Association.

Abbie McGilvery completed her two-year term of office as our board president, marking the occasion with credit as credit is due to the other board members and staff, and especially noting the recent successful development of our new 5-year strategic plan. Thank you Abby for your generous and cheerful service to PMC. We hope you stick around for the after-party!

Board of directors secretary, Joanne Lester, conducted the election of our new board president, Alex Merrill, to his office, and welcomed new board member, Vicky Poole, an avid and talented producer with lots of chops.

The future of PMC is in good hands!

If you would like a copy of the PMC 2018 Annual Report, please send an email to Tom Handel