Access Exchange

As a response to a great suggestion, and expressed support from a bunch of Access Producers, PMC is setting up an online exchange and community portal to connect producers, videographers, camera operators, directors, writers, and others (let’s make it rock!).

You can sign up for the exchange, indicating your agreement to the very simple terms, if you follow this link, and fill out our sign-up form. We will build the space on our website, where folks can connect their dynamic, productive, and scintillating skills and talents! The page will be password -protected to assure some degree of privacy.

Probably goes without saying that all the activities engaging with PMC need follow our rules and procedures, including certification. Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting Arthur Nichols.

We hope to roll the new Access Exchange at our next Access Mixer, coming up on December 12. FMI, check out the Airwaves post about the mixer here.