PMC’s New Strategic Plan

This is How We Do-oo It

This is How We Do-oo It

On September 17, 2018, the Board and staff of PMC had an evening retreat to develop a new strategic plan. Preparation for the retreat included months of research which included surveying the public, surveying our volunteers and producers, coming up with lists of our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, calling community television stations in cities similar to Portland and surveying other key stakeholders. The results of the retreat were five major goal areas:

  1. Improve financial strength and accountability;

  2. Define and improve our public image and relevance;

  3. Review and revise our programmatic activities,

  4. Improve the staff; and,

  5. Improve the Board of Directors.

The Board is currently forming five committees to develop objectives to meet these goals in the next three years. We welcome any volunteers, producers or other community members interested in PMC to join one of these committees. If you are interested please contact Tom Handel at 775-2900 Ext. 200 or email him at