UMVA October Show

 Chair and Bannister 2016  Pamela Hetherly

Chair and Bannister 2016

Pamela Hetherly

Some Reliable Truths About Chairs

This is a terrific show, conceived and curated by Janice Moore. The exhibition explores how “Chairs have the ability to convey meaning. They are defined in relation to their function and the human form. They have purpose. They position us and secure us. They have the ability to signify status and self expression. They are a sum of parts (legs, back, seat) and can imitate the human form. They are honest, as are the works of art presented here. They are singular and universal. They can be celebrated for their absolute truth.”

See more info about the show and about Janice Moore on her Facebook page here.

New Front Door lock system


To PMC Access Producers, Volunteers, Tenants, and others who access this facility.

We have new front door lock technology, and a process and some rules to go along with it!

Our front doors are now locked and unlocked with a keypad system, and the key lock system will only be available for power outages, and other non-typical usages.

New keys will only be issued to staff and tenants, and old keys should be returned because they will not work, and especially if you have left a fiver deposit for your key! Staff and tenants will be or have been trained in the use of the new keypad lock system.

Access Producers and others need to make sure that they are clear about the process, BECAUSE!, whenever there is a facility use booking that is outside of our normal business hours, a unique keypad code will be issued specifically for that facility booking. The unique keypad code will be operational for a half-hour before and a half-hour after a scheduled facility reservation. The keypad code will expire then and will not be reuseable. If you are planning to use the PMC facilities for any purpose outside of normal operating hours, you MUST contact Tom Handel or Brian Knoblock to receive a new code for each and every facility use booking. If you would like to schedule training in the use of our new lock system, please let us know.

All of this is entirely separate from the alarm system, which uses its own, separate code to activate and deactivate the alarm with the alarm keypad which is inside the building. Nothing about the alarm system has changed.

PMC Annual Meeting

 Now’s your chance!

Now’s your chance!

PMC will be holding its Annual Meeting on November 8, 2018, 7:30-9 am.

All Access Producers, volunteers and guests are invited to attend. In addition to regular business, we will be talking about our new five year Strategic Plan, and how to get there from here.

Meet PMC’s Board of Directors!

Learn about the past year, and how ideas are shaping the future of PMC!

Breakfast will be provided.

Sign up HERE.

Free Speech Week Events

opening event Free Speech Week.jpg

Portland Media Center, along with the New England First Amendment Coalition, WMPG, and the Maine First Amendment Museum, will be hosting an opening event at 4:00 pm on Tuesday, October 23rd, at the First Amendment Museum at the Gannett House in Augusta. This will be a casual open house and social with four rooms dedicated to key topics; Political Speech, Student Speech, Online Speech and Hate Speech, facilitated by experts on the topics. Light refreshments will be included. A special feature of the event will be Robert Shetterly’s Portraits of Americans Who Tell the Truth.

There will also be a closing event on Saturday, October 27th, beginning at 2:00 pm in Studio 516 at the Portland Media Center. As part of its Free Speech Week celebration later this month, a group of constitutional advocates and media organizations are hosting a panel discussion to explore the future of the First Amendment. This will be a round table format with audience, and the public is invited!

First Amendment, Journalism Speakers Announced for Free Speech Week Panel Discussion in Portland at the Portland Media Center.

ELLEN ALDERMAN, Attorney and Author | Alderman is a former entertainment attorney who has written extensively about civil rights. She is the co-author, with Caroline Kennedy, of two books about the Constitution, "In Our Defense: The Bill of Rights in Action" and "The Right to Privacy," as well as the author of articles on a variety of civil rights topics. She most recently worked as a Voter Protection Attorney in Maine and is currently the head of the Maine State Suffrage Centennial Commemoration.

CHET LUNNER, Former Journalist, Political Consultant | A former national news correspondent and retired federal executive, Lunner has a 360-degree perspective on the First Amendment from both sides of the camera. He has been a Maine newspaper editor, U.S. Congressional chief of staff, USA Today national news correspondent, Cabinet-level press secretary, and political campaign manager. As a reporter, he covered Capitol Hill, the White House, NASA, the Pentagon and breaking news nationwide. As a press secretary he coordinated media relations, press releases, news conferences, and speeches including strategic response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

DANIEL PANICI, Professor at University of Southern Maine| Panici primarily teaches mass media and mass communication courses. He has published numerous articles on a wide variety of mass communication topics including college radio and television, new media use in classroom, media education, service learning, and writing strategies for media. Panici also serves on the Editorial Board for the journal Mass Communication and Society and reviews manuscripts for the Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media.

BENJAMIN S. PIPER, Attorney at Preti Flaherty LLP | Piper's media practice includes representation of the news media in First Amendment, defamation and privacy, and freedom of information matters. Before joining Preti Flaherty, Piper served as law clerk to the Honorable John A. Woodcock, Jr. at the United States District Court, District of Maine. While in law school at the University of Wisconsin Law School, he served as Managing Editor of the Wisconsin International Law Journal.

MATTHEW STORIN, Former Journalist and Editor (moderator) | Storin was editor of The Boston Globe from 1992 to 2001. He began his journalism career at the Daily News in Springfield, Mass., and later joined the Globe's newsroom, covering Congress and the White House and serving as city editor and Asian bureau chief during his first 16 years at the newspaper. He also worked at U.S. News and World Report, the Chicago Sun-Times and the Maine Times. He now lives in Camden, Maine.

During Free Speech Week, Portland Media Center and WMPG will be airing interviews with various Maine residents about what free speech means to them and how the First Amendment right can best be exercised.

For more information: or 202-775-2900 ext 201, or follow the link below.

PMC’s New Strategic Plan

 This is How We Do-oo It

This is How We Do-oo It

On September 17, 2018, the Board and staff of PMC had an evening retreat to develop a new strategic plan. Preparation for the retreat included months of research which included surveying the public, surveying our volunteers and producers, coming up with lists of our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, calling community television stations in cities similar to Portland and surveying other key stakeholders. The results of the retreat were five major goal areas:

  1. Improve financial strength and accountability;

  2. Define and improve our public image and relevance;

  3. Review and revise our programmatic activities,

  4. Improve the staff; and,

  5. Improve the Board of Directors.

The Board is currently forming five committees to develop objectives to meet these goals in the next three years. We welcome any volunteers, producers or other community members interested in PMC to join one of these committees. If you are interested please contact Tom Handel at 775-2900 Ext. 200 or email him at